Cultural relativism and human rights essay

Ethics: Cultural Relativism

The discussion below commences at page of his book. The issue of violence against women throws the perils of cultural relativism into stark relief.

Understanding, the positive side of cultural relativism would do well to heal conflicts between two different groups but at the same time too much of a good thing can also backfire.

Because there is no universally accepted definition of what is right and wrong, though, it is natural to view different cultural practices as being "wrong" based on what is regarded as "right" within a given society.

It is a simple matter to approach any analysis of other people from an ethnocentric perspective, viewing one's own culture as superior, but these tendencies serve to adversely affect people's ability to understand the basis for cultural practices in other societies that may have their foundations in antiquity Benedict Works Cited Bartholomew, Robert.

Cultural relativism and Universalism

Ironically then, the program of universalizing human rights requires the implementation of a human right — the right to participate in government and contribute to the formation of public policy. As such, the human rights corpus reflects the political and economic power dynamics of the post-War international order, and in the eyes of cultural relativists, it is exclusively Western.

Given institutional power structures at the United Nations which favor Western countries, and the fact that the states and NGOs that have the resources to disseminate human rights tend to be Western, cultural relativists can arguably posit that the human rights project constitutes a form of cultural imperialism.

In fact, delegates are typically respected individuals from the legal and academic communities, often trained in the West.

Cultural Relativism: A Challenge to Women Equality

At some point, differences in other cultures must be considered as "wrong" notwithstanding the lack of a universally accepted definition. What are a number of human rights violations that currently merit considerations.

I personally prefer a middle way on such matters, such as Richard Rorty's ethnocentrism, which argues that no one culture or moral system has absolute authority, but each culture can justify itself and give pragmatic reasons for its correctness.

He argues that the human rights project is narrowly defined, a tool of the Western imperialist powers, and is untenable as presently conceived.

The list could cover several pages. This is rooted, in a more general sense, to a concept called moral relativism. Examples of atrocious violations of human rights include: Instead, the Article is fundamentally an attempt at locating — philosophically, culturally, and historically — the normative edifice of the human rights corpus.

The girls when they undertake this procedure are not provided with any type of anaesthetic. The answer to this third question thus concerns the first.

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Given that delegates are appointed and not elected, their value as cultural representatives versus their value as representatives of a political regime can be arguably minimal. An Introduction to Philosophy. This essay does not support or oppose cultural relativism, per se.

An adult shaped to the drives and standards of [certain other] cultures, if he were transported into our civilization, would fall into our categories of abnormality. Humanity requires something more stable than just a simplistic answer such as relativism.

Clearly, the two sides are talking past each other. Some cultures have practices that are considered to be human rights violations by others. Zakat or Zakah requires a Musliim to give 2.

There can be good reasons why the mighty United States of America is meddling with the affairs of other countries. One can simply patch up a festering wound denying the fact that something is rotting underneath hoping to show that everything is fine will not solve the problem.

But a practical definition is offered by Stephen Marks p. Organization of the Thesis The following four chapters constitute the body of the thesis: The doctrine of cultural relativism holds that at least some such variations cannot legitimately be criticized by outsiders.

A version of cultural relativism was put forward in by the American Anthropological Association, in response to the UN Declaration of the Universal Rights of Man. The AAA was against such a universal declaration on explicitly relativist grounds.

Cultural Relativism Essays (Examples) The human rights police occasionally violate human rights in the name of rights preservation.

Cultural relativism essay

Therefore, those who have the political power to underwrite human rights legislation also have the power to re-write that legislation or simply be excused from the table. Cultural relativism adds another.

Cultural relativism means that actions should be measured by the standards of an individual's own unique culture, not by the standards of others. It's a society's spiritual beliefs that lead. Ethical Relativism Essay. Ethical relativism is an idea that our ethical values aren’t set in stone - Ethical Relativism Essay introduction.

They are determined by who we are, where we live, what century we were born in, or what part of the world we are located. For this reason, many seek a balance between cultural relativism and the protection of basic human rights, trying to distinguish between preserving life and making biased judgment calls.

Learning. For instance, Polisi emphasizes that, "Cultural relativist arguments often have been used to justify even the most severe human rights abuses around the world" ( 41). According to Rachels, the arguments in support of cultural relativism are flawed for several reasons, including most especially the fact that from a logical perspective, the.

Cultural relativism and human rights essay
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