Romeo juliet 1968 by zefferelli and 1996 by luhram essay

On the other hand Tybalt is most commonly distinguished as the extreme and quick tempered one with dangerous anger who is always looking for a fight. Compared to Zeferellhis traditional movie it keeps the audience interested in what is happening. This movie would have been more of what Shakespeare intended.

Lines are cut in the play, and the scene is very suspenseful. Luhrmann tried to update it by using guns in the place of swords. He could have possibly meant to do this, or did it subconsciously.

How do I compare Baz Luhrmann's and Franco Zeffirelli's versions of Romoe and Juliet?

But the two Mercutios did differ between the films. Tybalt is also portrayed differently in the films. The lyrics reflect their relationship and is ended with the kissing.

However he did a great job creating a movie just the wal William Shaksepare would have intende however along with most people of my age I enjoyed and found the Luherman version more enetertainging.

Although some similarities occur but both are very different. Although it may not be appealing to the teenagers in this century. There is not much of a variety in the camera angles and it usually focuses on the actors facial expression. Juliet being a Capulet and Romeo being a Montague creates confusion and disbelief for the audience.

First Romeo enters the tomb where Juliet lies unconscious, he sees Juliet dead, then gives a really long speech and kills himself, and then the priest comes up and sees this event and by then Juliet is directed to get up.

In my opinion Baz Luherman was more successful in appealing his movie to the audience of Australia. A few characters were the same; the nurse was always silly and made inappropriate jokes at time, and Romeo was always so impulsive.

So by this example we can see that the newer version is much quicker, more action and good. Is Juliet going to wake up, are they going live happily ever after or are they both going die.

Two specific characters that were portrayed very differently and are my favorite characters are Tybalt and Mercutio. Released in the film was the most financially successful film made up to that time because of the young teenage audience it had attracted.

Also in both movies, equipment is used differently. Over the past years there have been numerous adaptations for stage, musicals and films based and interpreted from the original tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet.

”Romeo & Juliet” 1968 by Zefferelli and 1996 by Luhram Essay Sample

The music in Zeherellis movie is very traditional, when Romeo and Juliet meet eyes for the first time in the movie the music becomes soft and sweet, the typical love-song music of Shakespeares time.

A couple of examples showing the detailed differences between the movies are the costuming, props, and the characters. The setting is at Capulets masquarde ball and in an old castle made from stone and has candle lit lighting. In Zefferelli, horses and dagger are shown unlike in Luhram cars and guns are more popular.

The two most well known movie interpretations would have to be the version done by Baz Luherman and Zeherelli. The start of this scene is very upbeat and lively. It followed the Original storyline very clearly and the costumes were very much like those it the time it was made.

Whereas in the newer version by Luhram, this is constructed and directed very differently. These are the main differences between these two movies and as we can see the newer one seems more interesting to watch. As far as props go, there was one thing that caught my eye when watching both of the videos one right after the other.

Another solid example would be the death scene in both of the movie. He is civil and well mannered even when he s fighting Mercutio.

While Romeo is loving Juliet and kissing her. Luherman was more experimental with his camera angles using medium shots, long shots, tilted angles, and spinning effects making the audience feel more involved in the scene. More essays like this: Not much music, action music or sad. That was the use of swords.

Towards to the end of the scene they realize their love would not be allowed because of the history of their feuding families. Just like the music, lighting and location the costumes stay very true to the Elizabethan era.

This was a very successful version of the story and many viewers around the world loved the great difference in the interpretation. The two movies that capture the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet are the Zefferelli verion which was mad in and the Lurhmann version.

Both movies do fine in generating a visual of Romeo and Juliet in their own unique way.

Romeo and Juliet – Lurhman and Zeffreli Comparison

Comparison between the two movies (Romeo & Juliet movies) by Zefferelli and by Luhram. Topics: Debut albums, Death, Romeo and Juliet romeo and juliet Essay In Act One, Scene.

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Franco Zefferelli ’s version of Romeo and Juliet is better than Baz Luhrmann ’s version of Romeo and Juliet. Zefferelli’s film is better than Luhrmann’s film because it is faithful to the actual play with suited costumes, music, text, and setting.

Franco Zeffirelli's Film Romeo and Juliet Essay; one created by Franco Zeffirelli in and the other by Baz Luhbrmann in Both cinematic, both staying true to the plot and dialogue, each one radically different than the other, Zeffirelli sets his film within historical actuality, while Luhbrmann presents his with a modern twist.

”Romeo & Juliet” by Zefferelli and by Luhram Essay Sample The two movies of Romeo & Juliet made according to the play of Shakespeare are very, very different from one another. Although some similarities occur but both are very different.

Romeo juliet 1968 by zefferelli and 1996 by luhram essay
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